Amazon Access And Permissions needs view-only access to your Amazon account in order to bring the success of your Amazon channel to Walmart. Regularly, we will fetch the following data from your Amazon account.

  • The top-performing search terms (keywords) from the Amazon ad campaigns will be utilised in the content and ad campaigns on Walmart. These search terms will be added to the Walmart search rank tracking to understand the current visibility of your products on Walmart search and to identify improvement.

  • The top-selling SKUs on Amazon will be prioritized for optimization and advertising on Walmart. If the SKUs are not listed on Walmart yet, will provide help with setting up those new listings on Walmart.

  • The content, images, and attributes from Amazon listings will be used as a reference for creating or optimizing the content on Walmart.

What access / permissions do we need?

Add a new user on Amazon Seller Central with the following details:

Go to Settings->User Permissions-> Add a new user

Once the user is added, the following access needs to be provided:

View Access to Advertising

(View & Edit if is managing the ads as well)

View & Edit Access to Inventory

No Access to Media, Manage Orders/Refunds, Appeals and Pricing Automation

Access to all reports can be viewed here.

No access to settings

View Store Design Access