Boost 2.5x Sales Walmart

Boost 2.5x Sales on Walmart

This is how, a data-driven AI-based platform, is helping brands replicate Amazon success on Walmart and increase revenue up to 2.5x.

Challenge: was approached by a company that had a collection of high-quality figurines and playthings, ranging from playcars and babydolls to musical and disassembled toys and action figures, ensuring safe play for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. The brand works on a worldwide scale on Amazon with a well-diversified portfolio. 


Based on the customer’s goals, recommended a simple three-step automated process that enables product visibility and conversion resulting in increase in their revenue:

1. Analyze:

The analytical functionality did a comprehensive examination of the sellers product catalog and generated an item analysis report. This detailed report included their content health score, customer ratings, buy-box information, content issues, and most importantly growth recommendations.

2.  Optimize:

Based on the recommendations, the customer could create, change and publish enhanced brand content that was more relevant to its customers on Walmart. These changes drove more traffic to the products while increasing product visibility and conversions.

3. Track: with its tracking feature allowed the customer to monitor all of their product listings with the help of dashboards and weekly scheduled reports. With such information at their fingertips, the seller had insights into problems that were needed to be addressed to propel their product forward.
Through the automated platform, the seller saw a significant increase in traffic and sales. There were significant cost savings too since doing these steps manually would require many man-hours in comparison to the automated process done using


With’s analyzing feature, the seller uncovered an opportunity to improve the content of the product listings, enhanced images, worked on new keywords to drive traffic and push them to page 1 with a whopping 73% increase while encouraging new customer reviews. Within just 2 months, could increase the content score to 97% and Walmart’s listing score to 80%. Since then, the numbers have continued to rise.