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Introducing a new way to optimize Walmart listings with – a data-driven AI-based platform by Inc

Over the recent years, continues to grow in popularity – both as a shopping destination where customers can find a wide assortment of quality products, and a happening platform for Marketplace sellers where they can expand their presence online and sell with confidence. Joining Walmart Marketplace is a first step in growing your business, next – you should start thinking about growth strategies and ways to make your listings stand out. And as unique as each sales channel can be, so should be your approach to listing and selling products. With data-driven technology like, you can differentiate your optimization strategy and make listing improvements that matter for your catalog performance on


Analyze scans your complete product catalog and generates an item analysis report that identifies issues with your product listings and recommends how to resolve them.


After you’ve identified the key problems, you’ll be able to work on them with minimum or no technical skills. Based on the recommendations, you can create, change, and publish enhanced brand content on including relevant keywords infused in the copy itself, self-explanatory images, and en- hanced description’ with bullets. Improved content will help increase the relevancy of your listings when customers search for products, and will help drive more traffic and sales.

Track scans your complete product catalog and generates an item analysis report that identifies issues with your product listings and recommends how to resolve them.

Success Story

Boost 2.1x Sales on Walmart

With’s analyzing feature, we uncovered an opportunity to improve the content of the product listings, enhance images, work on new keyword rankings to drive traffic and push them to page 1. Within just 3 months, we increased the content score to 86% and Walmart’s listing score to 82% for the optimized items and 71% for the full catalog. Since then, the numbers have continued to rise.

Increase Sales

comma eZdia (now helps us uncover content problems and quickly optimize it for shopper experience and Search Engines. This is hard to do with our large assortment of products.


Cody Leovic
Site Analytics & Digital Marketing Lead

comma The team at eZdia (now are great to work with and are a true partner for us. Their focus is on what matters most to me, driving more revenue. Proving the Return on Content Spend of our program has enabled us to continue scaling content for our site as we grow. comma


Andy Conway
E-Commerce Marketing Director

comma I’ve had the pleasure of working with the eZdia (now team in managing my Walmart account. I am impressed with their quick turnaround time, always delivering on time. They were able to update my listings in less than a week. Additionally, I appreciated their expertise in providing expert guidance to optimize my listings according to Walmart’s algorithms. I know this will lead to increased sales performance. Their customer service response is quick and responsive. Highly recommend. comma


Gerti Morell
Director of Marketing
Plymouth Healthcare Products LLC

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