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Enrich your customers’ experience by presenting a more comprehensive brand story on your product page using Rich Media.

What is Rich Media (EBC)

Rich Media refers to interactive and engaging digital content like high-quality images, product videos, and graphics, 360-degree product views, and more!

walmart enhanced content

26% Rise In Weekly Transactions

A home furnishing brand features rich media content on their product pages

By incorporating Rich Media content onto Walmart’s pages for a Home Furnishing brand and effectively targeting relevant keywords, there was a notable 18% surge in the quantity of keywords ranking on Walmart’s internal search, along with a 26% boost in orders. This increase in orders was more than twice that of the control group of non-optimized pages.

30% Increase in Traffic

After publishing Rich Media on the product pages for a pet brand

A Pet Supplies brand recently revamped the content on more than 100 of its product pages. This involved optimizing the titles, introducing new product descriptions, and rich media content. As a result, category experts noted a remarkable improvement of up to 116% in SEO views for the updated product pages.

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Publishing Rich Media or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) can lead to enhanced customer engagement, better search rankings and increased conversion rates. In order to provide a superior customer experience and differentiate your products on the digital shelf, it is crucial to incorporate Rich Media Content on all of your products.

Standard media refers to basic image or text-based content that are commonly found online. On the other hand, rich media refers to interactive or highly engaging digital content, such as comparison charts, videos, interactive product display templates. Rich media is designed to capture and hold the viewer’s attention for a longer period of time, providing a more immersive and memorable experience.

Our one-click solution enables you to effortlessly transfer all of your Amazon A+ content onto Walmart. To do this, you simply need to link your Amazon and Walmart seller center accounts with using our trusted API connections in both marketplaces. is a verified content provider on Walmart Specialty Solution Providers and has over a decade of experience working with both Walmart and Amazon. We have established direct API connections that have undergone rigorous scrutiny by both marketplaces. At, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data, and we never disclose any customer information without explicit consent.

To get started with Walmart Rich Media, simply sign up on and connect your Amazon and Walmart Keys. If you run into any problems, please connect with our product experts, who will handle it for you. is currently providing unlimited Rich Media upload and publishing on Walmart for FREE. With this one-click solution, you can now bring all of your A+ content from Amazon to Walmart. This promotion is valid until May 31, 2023.

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