Product Update Feb 2023

Introducing New Product Features by

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Discover the exciting new features and enhancements we’ve added to our product with our latest update. Read on to learn more about what’s included and how these improvements can benefit you:

1. Boost your sales with our Recommendations Dashboard                      


Introducing Recommendations Dashboard for our Walmart Sellers; a dashboard that offers valuable growth insights to increase your revenue, traffic, conversions, and other key success metrics.

The dashboard evaluates the sales potential of products using various recommendations, including – 

  • Prioritized content issues
  • Required free fast shipping items
  • WFS eligible products
  • Necessary pricing updates
  • Out-of-stock products
  • Visibility improvements through Sponsored Ads
  • Target keywords for Ads, and more

With just one click, you can quickly act on these daily recommendations directly from the Catalog page with the ability to sort and filter by category.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for recommendations that will soon be added to this dashboard!

2. Take advantage of Cross-Marketplace Intelligence with our Amazon Connect


We are thrilled to announce Amazon Connect, a feature now available to all our customers, which enables you to effortlessly access, analyze, and optimize your listings on Walmart and Amazon through a unified platform.

Link both your accounts now to fully utilize the power of our platform. Compare your performance, devise a better sales strategy, monitor your growth, and more!

Increase your sales in just a few easy steps: 

  • Bring your A+ content from Amazon to Walmart for free to boost your conversion
  • Identify your best-selling products on Amazon and the associated keywords
  • Utilize to publish them on Walmart and optimize the listing as recommended
  • Run sponsored ads to further boost your product visibility, traffic and sales

3. Introducing Publishing Scheduler, an exclusive offering by 




Introducing a first-of-its-kind feature for online sellers, the Publishing Scheduler – a tool that can: 

  • Save your time and money by automating content updates for seasonality products and special sale events
  • Plan your listings in advance and automatically revert to previous content based on your specified date range
  • Conduct A/B Testing to analyze content performance

With, you can schedule multiple content update events for these occasions and easily modify your event titles, product descriptions, key features using relevant keywords, and more with minimal effort!

4. Personalize your Catalog Dashboard in seconds with Customized filters

Customize your view of product categories by creating your own filters on Alternatively,  select from the available predefined filters to get started – 

  • Out of Stock Products
  • Ready for Sponsored Ads
  • Unpublished Products
  • New Customer Reviews Added
  • Favorites
  • Lost the Buy Box


5. Stay ahead of your Competition



Gain a competitive advantage with by knowing the strategies your competitors are using at each step:

  • Get a comprehensive understanding of their rankings and keywords all in one place
  • Compare your products with theirs and take the necessary steps to stay on top
  • Receive expert recommendations on how to enhance your competitiveness
  • Take control of the products you want to actively monitor and ignore the rest

6. Avoid revenue loss by quickly finding Unpublished products and taking appropriate actions using the Unpublished Products Filter

Identify why your product was delisted from the Walmart Marketplace right from the Product Catalog Page itself. Quickly assess the reason and take immediate actions to minimize the revenue impact from the corresponding product.


7. Access Work Order Details directly from your Product Catalog Page

Identify why your product was delisted from the Walmart Marketplace right from the Product Catalog Page itself. Quickly assess the reason and take immediate actions to minimize the revenue impact from the corresponding product. 




From improved functionality to a more intuitive user interface, we believe these updates will enhance your overall experience and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Explore our product now to take advantage of these new features. and stay tuned for more updates to come!


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