Product Updates –

Product Updates -

Increase your Profitability with Walmart Ads is thrilled to announce its seamless integration with Walmart Connect. Now, run Auto and Manual Ad Campaigns directly from your account.

To ensure maximum impact of your campaigns –

  • Make data-driven decisions using our unified dashboard to monitor your TACoS, ROAS, Total Ad Spend, Ad Revenue, and other KPIs
  • Take control over your Ad Campaigns – Create, Edit, Pause, or Resume at your pace
  • Easily Set Budgets and Spending Limits
  • Optimize manual campaigns with detailed adjustments to individual items and keywords, refining your targeting strategy, and much more!

Bonus – Skip navigating through various Walmart platforms. Manage your Ad Campaigns, optimize your product listings, publish A+ content (EBC), track keywords, stay-on-top of your analytical reports, and much more – all from

Connect your Walmart Ads account to get started now!

Get instant Catalog Insights and make data-driven decisions directly from with Chrome Extension



Know what’s happening on your Products and Category Pages on with Chrome Extension –

  • Get a quick 360 degree-view of your products and performance analytics of your Walmart marketplace business
  • View and track your competitor products
  • Easily identify trends among sponsored items, ranking products, discounted products, and more at the same place
  • Get personalized growth recommendations designed to boost your page traffic and enhance conversions
  • Access the keyword cloud to identify highly converting keywords used by your competitors
  • Edit your product details, pricing, EBC, and much more without navigating to your Dashboard

Generate high-quality content within seconds with Gen AI

Skip spending hours generating your listing content from scratch. Introducing Gen AI on – a fine-tuned GPT to optimize your listing content and help sellers increase product visibility and conversions. With Gen AI,

  • Create relevant product listing content (titles and descriptions)
  • Automatically incorporate important keywords
  • Easily modify and compare the generated content, or provide special instructions to the AI in advance
  • Gain a competitive advantage with our AI’s ability to automatically perform quick competitor research and implement the insights in the iterations
  • Quickly adapt to peak seasons and promotional campaigns in just one-click

About is an online marketplace optimization platform that helps brands and retailers replicate their Amazon Success on Walmart and boost their revenue by 2X. 

With over 10 years of Walmart Partnership, has helped more than 15,000+ brands increase their online sales.