Optiwise.ai launches ChatGPT integration for Walmart Marketplace

Newark, CA – March 21, 2023: Optiwise.ai, Inc. (Optiwise.ai), a leading marketplace optimization company, announces the integration of ChatGPT for Walmart marketplace. Optiwise.ai is the first platform to integrate ChatGPT for Walmart, marking a significant step forward in its mission to help sellers scale their businesses on Walmart.com.

The eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, and online sellers have to be innovative to stand out on the digital shelf, which will not only increase their sales but also beat the competition. AI is one such innovation that has the potential to be a game-changer for marketplaces such as Walmart and Amazon.

Optiwise.ai is the first platform to integrate ChatGPT for Walmart sellers seeking a potential tool for crafting high-quality optimized content for product listings. Optiwise.ai is uniquely positioned because it already has data from optimizing over 1M+ product pages for Walmart. And access to data is a significant competitive advantage for Optiwise.ai.
This data is used to fine-tune the ChatGPT’s advanced deep-learning capabilities to generate Walmart-specific content for higher visibility, more engagement, and better conversions.

“The integration marks the beginning of an exciting journey for sellers, as generative AI is set to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by empowering sellers to create high-quality, personalized content for their shoppers,” said Deepak Goyal, CEO of Optwise.ai. Goyal emphasized that this integration will make the content generation process up to 100 times faster for sellers, providing them a significant competitive edge in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.

By utilizing this feature, sellers, through a one-click process, can directly implement Walmart recommendations, publish these optimized product listings generated by ChatGPT on Walmart and streamline their entire process, saving valuable time and money.

Optiwise.ai recently launched this functionality at the Prosper Show in Las Vegas, March 13-15, 2023, and has garnered phenomenal interest from Walmart marketplace sellers. Currently, the functionality is by invitation only, and sellers are encouraged to join Optiwise.ai’s mailing list to take advantage of it.

About Optiwise.ai: Optiwise.ai is an AI-based online marketplace optimization platform that helps brands and retailers replicate their Amazon success on Walmart. This data-driven end-to-end SaaS platform helps sellers with easy product listing optimization, growth recommendations, cross-marketplace intelligence, and much more!

With the brilliance of expert e-Commerce specialists and data scientists, Walmart sellers have experienced a 3.2X increase in traffic and a 2X increase in revenue with Optiwise.ai.

Sanket Khemuka
Head of Marketing, Optiwise.ai
Mob No: +14084800482
e-mail: pr@optiwise.ai