Use performance analytics

Use performance analytics combined with content score to analyze and prioritize your listings

Use performance analytics combined with content score to analyze and prioritize your listings

Optimization of your product listings is the key to sales and conversion. However, which items to be prioritized for optimization should not be guesswork and focus first should be on high-value items. With our data-driven AI approach, now has the ability to help sellers priortize high-value listings for optimization. This is done using combination of various performance analytics and listing scores. Sellers can also check the availability and Buy Box information for appropriate actions

Quick view of all issues and recommendations in Catalog

Catalog dashboard in now displays all the important listing issues. This helps our customers with quick analysis and prioritization.

Keyword Ranking for entire Catalog

One of the highlights of this release is the ability to track all the relevant keywords at one place. Keywords list is a combined list from the items optimized by portal using subscription account. also displays rankings for the entire catalog for these keywords. It helps sellers with overall catalog performance.

Support for tags

Ability to add tags to products which enables grouping as per your business needs. We also support pre-defined tags to help sellers group the products based on the impact of the issues

Support for Walmart Attributes

Support for ability to view all the missing attributes. Sellers will also be able to add/edit and publish through subscription account.

View and compare content change history now supports tracking of all your changes done over time including historical changes. This is a critical feature enhacement which will now enable sellers to track down the changes and its possible impact it has on your sales and conversion. Comparing the changes is very easy and user-friendly. Another important change in this release is, while reviewing the order, sellers can compare the changes that has recommended with the current live copy. This helps sellers to quickly identify key differences and make the review process easy. Please note that tracking of these changes is possible only from the time you have connected your seller account with subscription account.

Usability improvements

User experience is a key to any product usability and how quickly and easily get to your products and data. This release now supports primary images in the product summary view making it easier to browse the products.

Security Updates

Security of our customers data is our top-most priority and we keep updating our platform with latest security enhancements