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How listing score impacts traffic and conversions on Walmart?

By:admin | 15 December, 2021 |Ecommerce,


How listing score impacts traffic and conversions on Walmart?

A listing quality score is what Walmart uses to evaluate the content performance of listings on If you want to know how customers find a product from the time they search for it until they buy it, this score is the key factor. Walmart designed the listing quality dashboard to help you, as a seller, better understand how to give adequate information to clients and what variables we should keep in mind to increase the listing quality score.

The simple-to-use dashboard shows you your Walmart listing quality score, where you can make significant improvements, and all the factors that contribute to a successful, optimized listing. has a primary goal to help clients leverage marketplaces like Walmart in every capacity. Hence, this article shows you how to navigate the Walmart listing quality score and what key insights you can gain about your item’s performance based on consumer purchasing decisions. We’ll walk you through every important aspect of the listing quality dashboard, so you know what is lacking and how to fix any issue.

Scores for listing quality take four factors into account. Let us go through these four factors one by one:

Walmart Content and Discoverability Score:

Your item page’s information. Your item’s visibility in search results directly correlates to the amount of content you include on its page. To optimize your listing title for a high listing quality score, you’ll want to improve your listing title. The aim is to contain as many critical attributes as possible in the product title—for example, the product’s size or color—while being concise. Although the appropriate title length varies by category, Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard will provide feedback on the optimal title length for your unique product. Often, the most effective Walmart titles are shorter than those that perform well in other markets, such as Amazon.

The description is another critical component of successful Walmart listings. As with the title, the primary criteria to examine are the keywords, their complexity, and the length of the description. If your description is brief or too lengthy, Walmart may deduct points from your listing’s quality score, which will influence your on-site organic search rank.

High-quality Walmart listings include the maximum number of discoverability factors. These features can include the product’s size, count, brand, color, condition, or flavor. The Listing Quality Dashboard determines which qualities your product should have based on its category and will deduct points from your listing quality score if any of those features are missing.


Walmart’s goal is to offer the lowest prices and most convenient shipping options to its customers. Their algorithm encourages you to maintain a competitive price point.

Ratings and Reviews:

Your listing quality score improves if your customers give you a high rating.

Post-Purchase Quality:

It also considers item returns and on-time delivery from marketplace sellers.

To cut a long story short, they derive your listing quality score from the sum of these four factors. 

Why is Walmart’s listing quality dashboard important? 

For sellers, Walmart’s listing quality dashboard is all about making their lives easier. It also provides sellers with information on post-purchase quality, updates them on their Pro Seller Badge status, and provides item-level scoring for published items. It’s imperative that you keep up with your product’s overall quality score, post-purchase quality, and product profiling. As a result, your products’ search engine optimization (SEO) improves and they rise in the SERPs.


Here is a catch. If Walmart or any other platform ever truly reveals how its algorithm works, then everyone will be on the same platform and there will be no competition. This is a fact we cannot deny. As a result, comes into play. We assist you in achieving a higher quality score with its innovative optimization solutions to increase sales by striking the ideal balance between being too vague and too granular. Our expert online market professionals know exactly how to improve your Walmart’s listing score. Get in touch with us to optimize your product information page, listing quality, and customer satisfaction in order to increase sales at Walmart.

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