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Mastering Walmart’s Review Syndication Program – Unlocking Success on Walmart

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Mastering Walmart’s Review Syndication Program – Unlocking Success on Walmart

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, product reviews play a crucial role in influencing purchasing decisions. For sellers at Walmart, reviews are more than just feedback; they are a vital tool for increasing visibility, building trust, and driving sales. Reviews provide social proof, helping potential buyers feel confident about their purchase. Studies show that products with just a handful of reviews see a significant boost in sales, demonstrating the profound impact reviews have on consumer behavior.

To help sellers leverage the power of reviews, there are several methods available to gather reviews for their products on Walmart. In this blog, we will explore both free and paid options, including Walmart’s Review Accelerator Program, the Review Syndication Program, and additional tools like Bazaarvoice and Yotpo.

Let’s dive into these methods and see how they can help you enhance your review strategy on Walmart.

1. Walmart’s Review Accelerator Program

One of the most effective ways to garner reviews on Walmart is through the Review Accelerator Program. This initiative allows sellers to reward customers for leaving honest reviews, which can lead to increased sales and page views.

Key Features of the Review Accelerator Program:

  • Impact on Sales: Products with just five reviews can see a 75% increase in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV).

  • Incentive for Customers: Customers who purchase a product enrolled in the program are asked to write a truthful review in exchange for a $3 reward towards their next Walmart purchase.

  • Cost for Sellers: Sellers are charged a $10 service fee per review, for a maximum of ten incentivized reviews per product. Once a product has received five reviews, it is automatically removed from the program.

  • Transparency: Reviews obtained through this program will display an “Incentivized Review” badge to maintain transparency.

Eligibility Criteria for Items:

  • Must have had sales within the last 30 days.

  • Must have fewer than five reviews.

  • An item might not appear on a seller’s dashboard if another marketplace seller has already enrolled it in the Review Accelerator Program.

2. Walmart Review Syndication Program

Walmart’s Review Syndication Program offers another robust method for obtaining reviews. This program allows sellers who own their products and the associated reviews to syndicate these reviews from their websites or other platforms to

Who is Eligible?

  • Sellers who are the owners and manufacturers of their products and have the legal rights to the reviews.

  • Sellers must contact Bazaarvoice to confirm if their reviews can be syndicated.

How to Syndicate Reviews:

  1. Export Reviews from Shopify:

    • From the Shopify admin, go to Apps > Product Reviews.

    • Click on Settings and then Export to download a CSV file of the reviews.

  2. Syndicating Reviews on Walmart:

    • Ensure that reviews are honest and comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines.

    • Reviews should not be influenced by incentives such as samples or freebies.

    • Reviews must originate from transactions on the seller’s consumer-facing website.

    • Reviews should not have been previously syndicated through another provider.

Registration and Submission:

Important Guidelines for Review Syndication:

  • Use the WSC Admin email for registration.

  • Ensure the reviews are moderated and comply with FTC guidelines.

  • Avoid using reviews from other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.

  • Maintain a balanced star rating distribution to avoid rejection.

  • Submit all reviews, both positive and negative, to meet FTC requirements.

  • Multiple submissions can be made using the same registered account.

3. Walmart Review Scraper Program

The Walmart Review Scraper Program is an innovative solution designed to automate the collection of product reviews from various platforms, ensuring your listings on Walmart are always up-to-date with the latest customer feedback. By running every 10 to 14 days, the scraper captures fresh reviews, reducing manual effort and maintaining dynamic product pages. This not only enhances your product’s credibility but also boosts conversion rates by providing potential customers with genuine, relevant insights. Ideal for sellers with large inventories and frequent reviews, the program streamlines review management, giving you a competitive edge in the e-commerce market.

Other Methods to Get Reviews on Walmart

Apart from the Review Accelerator and Syndication Programs, sellers can also leverage paid platforms like Bazaarvoice and Yotpo to gather and manage reviews. These platforms offer comprehensive tools to solicit and moderate reviews, ensuring compliance and authenticity.

  1. Bazaarvoice: Provides advanced solutions for collecting and displaying reviews across various channels. Bazaarvoice’s services include automated review solicitation, moderation, and analytics to help sellers understand customer feedback and improve their products and services.

  2. Yotpo: Offers a suite of tools for gathering and managing reviews, as well as additional features like visual marketing and loyalty programs. Yotpo’s platform ensures that reviews are authentic and adheres to industry standards, helping sellers build trust with their customers.

These paid platforms can be a valuable investment for sellers looking to enhance their review strategy and maintain a high level of review integrity on Walmart.

Why Choose Walmart’s Review Syndication Program?

Unlike Walmart’s Review Accelerator program, Bazaarvoice, and Yotpo, Walmart’s Review Syndication Program is free of cost, providing an excellent opportunity for sellers to enhance their product listings without incurring additional expenses. By participating in this program, sellers can syndicate reviews directly from their websites to, increasing the visibility and credibility of their products.

Optiwise can help sellers streamline and expedite this process, ensuring that they meet all necessary guidelines and requirements. Our team of experts can help manage the registration, submission, and validation of reviews, making the syndication process seamless and efficient.

Why is the Walmart review syndication program free?

Walmart aims to support its sellers by providing free services that competitors might charge for. This initiative helps sellers bring genuine customer voices to their Walmart listings, enhancing their growth and providing valuable information to shoppers. It’s part of Walmart’s commitment to helping sellers succeed.


Reviews are an indispensable part of the e-commerce ecosystem on Walmart. Leveraging programs like the Review Accelerator and Syndication can significantly enhance a product’s visibility and sales performance. By understanding and utilizing these tools, sellers can build a strong review presence on Walmart, fostering trust and driving revenue growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your review strategy

Frequently asked Questions 

How should I categorize my products for review syndication?

Products can be categorized based on the number of items and reviews. We suggest three categories for items:

  • Less than 1,000 items

  • 1,000 to 5,000 items

  • More than 5,000 items

For reviews, use the same ranges.

2. Are the number of items and reviews important for review syndication?

Both item count and review frequency are crucial. High item counts with consistent review generation are ideal for scraping services. Even sellers with fewer items but high review volumes may qualify, as frequent new reviews indicate active customer engagement.

3. What is the difference between CSV and scraper setups for review syndication?

A CSV setup is typically used for sellers with a smaller number of items, allowing them to manually upload reviews. A scraper setup is designed for sellers with a large number of items and reviews, automating the process of collecting and distributing reviews.

4. How frequently does the scraper run to collect reviews?

Our scraper runs every 10 to 14 days. This frequency ensures that we capture new reviews in a timely manner, maintaining up-to-date feedback for products.

5. Can a seller with low item counts but high review volumes qualify for a scraper setup?

Yes, sellers with fewer items but high review volumes can qualify for a scraper setup, provided they generate a substantial number of new reviews consistently.

6. What if a seller is already syndicating reviews through a paid program?

Even if sellers are using third-party services like Bazaarvoice or Yotpo, they can benefit from Walmart’s free review syndication program. Our webinar educates them on how to leverage this free service effectively.

7. What value does Optiwise provide to sellers?

Optiwise helps educate sellers about Walmart’s review syndication program and ensures they are prepared to participate. We facilitate communication and support between Walmart and the sellers, helping to streamline the review syndication process.

8. What are the best practices for managing reviews?

Stay genuine with your reviews, use Walmart’s free review syndication program to amplify customer voices, focus on organic growth, and avoid incentivized reviews.

9. What should a seller do if they face challenges in syndicating reviews?

If sellers face challenges in syndicating reviews, they should attend our webinars and training sessions. We provide guidance and support to help them leverage Walmart’s free review syndication program effectively.

Join Our Workshop on Mastering Walmart Reviews

To further support Walmart sellers, Optiwise is hosting a workshop. This event will delve into strategies to increase reviews on Walmart, explore the intricacies of the Review Syndication Program, and provide insights from industry experts from Walmart and Acquco. Attendees will learn the do’s and don’ts for successful review syndication and get practical tips to enhance their review management process.

Workshop Details:

  • Date: June 19, 2024

  • Featuring Experts: Alex from Walmart and industry professionals from Acquco

  • Topics Covered: Review acquisition strategies, syndication guidelines, and expert tips for maximizing review impact.

By attending this workshop, Walmart sellers can gain valuable knowledge to optimize their review strategy, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer trust. 

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