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What is How is it helping Walmart Sellers to Grow their Revenue by 2X?

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What is How is it helping Walmart Sellers to Grow their Revenue by 2X?

The eCommerce industry is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 15.1% between 2021 and 2030, from $4.21 trillion in 2022 to $17.53 trillion by 2030. Because of the benefits provided by digitalization, more companies and sellers are registering on various eCommerce marketplaces. While Amazon and eBay are well-known online marketplaces for selling goods, Walmart Marketplace has emerged as a viable alternative for reaching a wider audience. And we’re going to tell you why:

  1. There is no additional charge.
  2. Low Competition
  3. Increase brand awareness
  4. Building Trust
  5. Customized Return Policy

However, you need a solid strategy in terms of informative product data, a competitive offer, satisfying customer service, and product promotion and marketing in order to make the most of the opportunities provided by the Walmart Marketplace. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of using specific keywords to enhance traffic to a website. If you use SEO successfully, more people will see your product. The Walmart algorithm employs the “optimization triangle” to choose which product to display first. It assesses:

  • Offer: The price, the timeliness of delivery, and the product’s availability.
  • Content: You must accurately list your products using Walmart’s product classification in order to maximize your product’s searchability and visibility. You must also optimize your product title and description, category, and image quality. The name of the product, your brand, and other important information like the model number, size, and color should all be included in optimized product names.
  • Customer satisfaction and minimal defect rates.

To score highly with Walmart’s SEO, you must succeed in each of the three areas.

And, this is exactly what our state-of-the-art AI-based, data-driven software manages for you. Let’s discuss this in detail:

An overview of is an AI-based, data-driven software platform capable of putting brands on the list of top sellers at Walmart by providing them with every recommendation they require.

 From listing optimization, such as giving customers and search engines useful data, to product descriptions and crucial features that aid customers in making decisions and comparing products side to rivals, to Walmart ad campaigns for traffic, improved rankings, and conversions, everything is taken care of by

With a decade-long partnership with Walmart, has become a leading marketplace optimization platform. It uses a three-step automatic process to enable product visibility and SEO on Walmart marketplace. In addition, it enhances Walmart’s rich media content to its fullest potential to associate brands with people. It keeps track of progress, so sellers are always aware of current projects leading to an increase in revenue.

Why do you need brings success straight to a seller’s door. Online retailers may connect their Walmart product catalog to and get data-driven insights. This enables them to improve their product listings. Moreover, these insights can help sellers to raise product visibility, engagement, and conversion rates. 

Being robust and user-friendly self-service software, aids sellers in growing their businesses and turning them into winners of the buy box, thus making them  best sellers at Walmart, with just 3 simple steps:

  • Analyze: It examines the entire product catalog and produces an item analysis statement that highlights problems with any product listings and offers suggestions for fixing them.
  • Optimize: With little to no technical expertise, sellers can begin addressing the primary problems after identifying them. Based on the advice, they can produce, edit, and post improved brand content for Walmart that incorporates relevant keywords into the prose, clear images, updated descriptions with bullets, and more relevant feedback to your customers and boosts traffic and sales.
  • Track: Sellers can monitor their product listings using dashboards and regular weekly reports. Moreover, with this data, they could discover any problems and resolve them on priority to grow and become the best sellers at Walmart. features allow sellers to increase their revenue on Walmart by twofold.

Let’s explore how puts sellers on the list of best sellers at Walmart by optimizing their listings.

Content Enrichment

Brands can increase visitors, decrease bounce rates, and increase conversions by producing top-notch content. checks the product’s content and alerts if it detects a reduction in keyword rank. The content’s performance in search, traffic generation, audience engagement, and sales conversion are all qualitatively evaluated for brands. 

Listing Optimization

It’s even easier to add new product content. In addition to providing writing guidelines for the title, description, and features, the platform warns users of any potential problems that can prevent them from achieving customer expectations and generating leads.

Search Rank Monitoring

Tracking keyword rankings with a dependable search rank tracking system is crucial for evaluating SEO success on Walmart and the effect of content and link adjustments on a seller’s website ranking. enables you to track and notify on keyword rankings in result pages of search engines on a weekly or even daily basis. 

Performance Analysis

If any seller wishes to expand the business, it is essential to comprehend big data analytics to understand customers better and make commercial selections. With the aid of this most recent technology, provides them with an efficient method and strategy for keeping an eye on and gauging the success of the live product sites. By doing this, sellers may maintain pertinent keywords and content while monitoring the page rank.

Scope of Growth

It is believed that anything can be improved if it can be assessed. The same example works for Walmart’s product listings and optimization. Sellers must evaluate and maximize the effects of their labor to ensure the efficacy, retention, and perceived worth of products. keeps an eye on every aspect of a brand’s website, including rankings, conversions, broken links, and more, and helps it become one of the best sellers at Walmart. When something isn’t functioning, it allows brands to re-evaluate their priorities.

Success Reports

With the help of valuable and creative success reports, brands can monitor the development of their Walmart listings. Their success is thoroughly covered in a detailed report from, including search rankings, conversion rates, organic traffic, and ROI from the SEO traffic.

Notifications and Alerts increases awareness and substantially speeds up response time. This ensures that important matters are always taken seriously and resolved promptly.  

Rich Media Content

The data-driven technology of enables brands to generate, import, and update Walmart’s rich media content exclusively. They shouldn’t have to bargain with a complex backend marketplace content management system. Once complete, the platform quickly releases the product material live to Walmart with a click.


Selling on an online marketplace can rapidly become challenging. However, as mentioned, using different selling methods on Walmart Marketplace than on Amazon or eBay is necessary to boost your sales. It’s critical to have precise strategies planned if you want to top the list of best sellers at Walmart. You will be more visible and better drawn into your target market with the best techniques created just for your items! 

When you partner with, you have immediate access to our cutting-edge AI-driven technology and skilled team of e-commerce experts. Contact us to get a free Walmart listing analysis report on your account today. 

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