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8 Reasons That Can Get Your Walmart Seller Account Suspended

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8 Reasons That Can Get Your Walmart Seller Account Suspended

As a seller on Walmart’s platform, it’s crucial to understand and adhere to the guidelines and regulations established by the retail giant. Walmart maintains stringent standards regarding the behavior and conduct expected from its sellers.

Walmart’s Seller Performance Standards rely on five key performance indicators that sellers must follow diligently. These metrics encompass the Cancellation Rate, On-Time Delivery Rate (OTD), Refund Rate, Valid Tracking Rate (VTR), and Seller Response Rate. Upholding a high standard of performance necessitates sellers’ adherence to these metrics alongside Walmart’s guidelines and policies. Falling short of these standards could lead to repercussions such as account suspension or other penalties. Hence, it’s vital for sellers to continuously monitor these metrics and take appropriate actions to sustain their performance levels. This proactive approach ensures that sellers maintain a favorable standing with Walmart while delivering a positive customer experience.

Performance Metrics

Any infringement of these policies carries the risk of your seller account being suspended, potentially resulting in a substantial revenue loss. This article will delve into eight reasons why your Walmart seller account may face suspension.

Reason 1: Selling Counterfeit Products

Selling counterfeit products involves passing off fake items as authentic goods from reputable brands. This grave misconduct can result in the suspension of your seller account. Walmart strictly prohibits the sale of counterfeit products and maintains a zero-tolerance stance against such actions. To prevent any complications, it’s imperative to exclusively offer genuine products obtained from legitimate sources.

Reason 2: Selling Restricted Products

Walmart maintains a roster of prohibited products that cannot be sold on its platform, spanning items such as firearms, tobacco, and prescription drugs, among others. Unauthorized sales of these products will result in the suspension of your account. It’s crucial to review the list of restricted products before listing any item on Walmart to avoid any violations.

Reason 3: Poor Customer Feedback

For sellers on Walmart, customer feedback holds immense significance. Negative reviews can lead to the suspension of your seller account. To prevent this, it’s essential to deliver exceptional customer service and promptly resolve any issues or concerns raised by customers. Additionally, ensure timely and professional responses to customer messages and inquiries.

Reason 4: Violation of Walmart’s Intellectual Property Policy

Walmart enforces a stringent intellectual property policy, prohibiting sellers from infringing on the rights of others. Violations, such as utilizing copyrighted images or selling counterfeit items, will result in the suspension of your account. To steer clear of such issues, ensure that you possess the requisite rights and permissions to use any images or trademarks in your product listings.

Reason 5: Listing Inaccurate Product Information

Precise product information is pivotal for a thriving e-commerce venture. Listing inaccurate details about your products can lead to the suspension of your account. Therefore, it’s crucial to furnish accurate descriptions, images, and pricing information for all your products. Additionally, promptly update any alterations to your product information to maintain compliance and credibility.

Reason 6: Late Shipment of Orders

Delayed shipment of orders poses a significant inconvenience to customers and may result in the suspension of your account. It’s imperative to ship orders promptly and furnish customers with tracking information. Additionally, transparent communication regarding any delays or issues encountered during the shipping process is essential to maintain trust and prevent potential repercussions.

Reason 7: High Order Defect Rate

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) represents the proportion of orders that result in a negative customer experience. A high ODR can prompt the suspension of your seller account. To mitigate this risk, prioritize delivering excellent customer service, ensuring accurate product descriptions, and promptly dispatching orders.

Reason 8: Selling Prohibited Products

Walmart maintains a catalog of prohibited products ineligible for sale on its platform, encompassing items like weapons, illegal drugs, and adult content, among others. Selling any of these products will result in the suspension of your account. It’s crucial to thoroughly review the list of prohibited products before listing any item on Walmart to prevent violations.

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