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How to Improve Listing Score on Walmart for Better Conversions?

By:admin | 2 January, 2023 |Ecommerce,


How to Improve Listing Score on Walmart for Better Conversions?

Successfully selling on begins with creating a great product.

Why should you opt for Walmart Listing Optimization?

There are many reasons to optimize your listings, but one of the most important is to increase your listing scores. Quality listings improve customer experience, which builds trust in your product and leads to higher conversion rates.

What’s the next move?

Achieving the perfect balance between creating an attractive product listing and convincing customers to click “Add to Cart” on your product is important. Your products will go unseen and non-purchased if your product listings aren’t strong. The fact is that improving listing scores is critical for any online marketplace, but selling on needs additional care. And, therefore, you need to hire marketplace professionals like who can improve the quality of your product listings.

But before you do that, to help you increase your listing score on Walmart, we’ve compiled some expert advice from our many years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie, these pointers will help you all.

But first things first – why is Walmart listing optimization important?

When a customer uses Walmart’s Search Engine, it searches all the listings to see if any of them match the keywords they entered. Walmart listings, like websites, must follow all SEO guidelines to the letter in order to rank at the top of search results for the correct keyword. We call this e-commerce content optimization.

If your product has a high rating on Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard, it will appear higher in search results, allowing you to reach more customers.

Sellers can earn a Pro Seller badge, which Walmart describes as a mark of excellence given to top-performing marketplace sellers with consistently high listing quality scores. By earning this badge, you’ll have a better chance of landing in the Buy Box, outranking your competitors, and increasing consumer trust in your brand.

Now here are the ways you can handle your Walmart listing optimization:

Content Optimization & Discoverability

Content is the king. Optimizing your listing title is the first step in getting a high listing quality score.

When creating a product title, the goal is to include as many relevant details as possible while still keeping it short. Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard will give you feedback so you know the ideal length of your specific product. The optimal title length varies from category to category. Walmart’s best titles are often condensed versions of longer works that would do well in other online marketplaces. Another important factor in Walmart listings’ conversion is the description. Keywords, complexity, and description length are all important considerations in product content optimization, along with the title.

High Quality Images

Each of your listings should have a minimum of six high-resolution photos. Low-quality images can scare away potential customers and cause Walmart to devalue your listing.

The Right Offer

This includes things like pricing and order fulfillment. Walmart values timely shipping and competitive pricing just like any other retailer. The latter is a cornerstone of the company’s global brand, so managing your catalogue across multiple channels should be a top priority. Also, always maintain a steady supply of inventory. Make sure your product is never out of stock.

Customer Reviews

User feedback and ratings also affected your listing’s quality and ranking. Having high-quality products, thorough listings, and excellent customer service all help generate positive organic reviews.


In the long run, how your products appear on Walmart’s search results and how much money you make can affect both by how you list your products there. Customers must be able to locate your product listing.. if they want to buy it. It should include the keywords that customers used to search for the product in your Walmart product listings. In addition, it must display the information in a search engine-friendly manner according to Walmart guidelines for descriptions, features, and images. The higher your product ranks on Walmart, the better your Walmart product listings will look and perform.

So, you’ve come to the right place if you need help with Walmart listing optimization for your brand. can help you boost your brand’s visibility on while also increasing traffic and conversion.

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