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How to Improve Your Walmart Advertising Strategy

By:marketing | 26 December, 2022 |Ecommerce, Marketplaces, Walmart,

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How to Improve Your Walmart Advertising Strategy

One of the most crucial things you can do to bring your products in front of new customers is to advertise on Walmart. If done correctly, advertising your products on Walmart might increase your return on advertising spend (RoAS). 

Therefore, everything merchants need to know about marketing and selling at Walmart is covered in this Walmart advertising strategy guide.

Walmart’s eCommerce customer base increased by 207% between early 2017 and 2019. With online sales increasing by 43% in the third quarter of 2018, Walmart receives more than 110 million monthly visits, and its 2020 sales have increased faster than eBay’s, which is why advertising on Walmart is essential. 

How do I advertise on Walmart?

If you already advertise on Amazon, you’ll quickly realize that Walmart’s advertising is identical. On-site display advertisements and off-site display advertisements are also available. A variety of ad types comparable to but distinct from those offered by Amazon can likewise be created.

Use Ad Campaigns for Selling Products

You must give them all the details they require to decide whether or not to buy your product to establish a profitable listing. A well-designed Walmart product listing includes pictures and detailed descriptions of goods produced by your company while outlining crucial considerations for customers.

If you have high-quality images or descriptions accurately describing your products, it will be simpler to earn sales. Thus, before starting an ad campaign, advertisers should make remarkable listings.

Making a successful product listing involves:

  • Writing the correct product descriptions.
  • Offering complete product specifications.
  • Adding more information buyers might require to avoid negative reviews and returns.
  • Adding good quality product images

Types of Walmart Campaign

Walmart Connect is the marketplace’s central location for connecting advertisers with consumers. It offers independent businesses a platform to reach Walmart shoppers through, the company app, or any of its numerous physical shops. Walmart also offers a demand-side platform that enables marketers to advertise goods on particular outside websites.

Walmart’s main online services are Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Onsite Display, and Offsite Display, even though it offers an extensive portfolio of digital ad solutions, in-store experiences, and off-site media opportunities.

Sponsored Products

With a variety of placement options, Walmart gives marketers a simple way to get customers’ attention, including:

Search In-Grid Results: The top three pages of search results’ first three cost-per-click advertisements

Carousels: Groups of sponsored products on the homepage, search, category, browse, curated shelf, and product detail pages.

The Buy Box: A highly sought-after position on product detail pages displaying a substitute or complementary product

Different Ad Types: Search Result Product Ads

You may choose from various Walmart advertisements, ad types, and campaign options as a Walmart advertiser.

  1. Search in Grid Sponsored Brands and Categories

In client searches, sponsored product ads present one or more of your products. Customers who use specific keywords to search on Walmart will see a complete page of products associated with those terms and pertinent advertisements from your business shown as “Sponsored Products.”

Search in Grid allows you to add one or more products to the result pages, attracting buyers’ attention toward your products instead of your competitor’s products. The products listed on top get the most attention, and the sponsored products can place products on the top of the search results. 

  1. Sponsored Product Carousels

Like the Walmart Search in Grid campaign noted above, carousel advertising only occupies part of the page on or search results pages for mobile apps. Instead, your products will appear below other sponsored brands and categories from rival businesses within Walmart’s ad network.

Interactive ads appear on carousels. Potential customers can scroll through several of your products to locate one that suits their needs. However, some of Walmart’s carousels feature sponsored advertisements, while others feature items from organic product lists. Knowing exactly where your advertising appears is crucial if you choose this ad type.

  1. Alternative Product Buy Box

The buy box, accessible through automatic campaigns, shows up on product listings as an alternative or addition to whatever the user is viewing. By sponsoring a listing to show up here, you may reach users just as they approach the crucial conversion point in their user experience.

From there, you may deprive your rival of a sale. You’re first in line to provide an alternative if the consumer has reservations about what they’re looking at. Even if not, you might capitalize on the offer by highlighting a complementary item, they’ll also require.

How is Advertising at Walmart Different?

The ACoS at Walmart is one of the lowest in the whole industry. Low marketing expenses are an excellent justification for bringing your brand to Walmart.

  1. Walmart Has a Different Demographic Audience Than Amazon

You might be astonished to learn that Walmart has a different consumer audience than Amazon, reaching more than 100 million customers each month. This indicates that customers at Walmart are shopping for different goods. Comparatively speaking, advertising at Walmart is the best approach to boosting sales and conversion rates if you sell products that Walmart’s demographic needs.

  1. Walmart’s Less Competitive Marketplace

Selling at Walmart is a fantastic way for smaller firms to reach Walmart’s enormous customer base. Walmart has less competition than Amazon, so you can sell more of your product at a cheaper cost per acquisition (CPA), according to Sellbrite.

Walmart’s advertising strategies still need improvement; for instance, its targeting options differ from those of other PPC ad platforms like Facebook and Google.

Why you should spend your time selling and advertising on Walmart is broken down as follows:

  • Low costs for selling and product listings
  • Businesses can enhance their ad targeting by using information from Walmart’s retail customers.
  • Promoting tools are available for sellers to use to increase sales.

If you pick some appropriate keywords for customers to use in their search queries to identify products, Walmart’s ACoS assures that your ads are profitable.

How can help? 

Given the size of Walmart’s marketplace and the range of Walmart advertisement possibilities accessible, building an effective advertising campaign for retailers can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. can assist you with Walmart advertising, placing your product ads where customers shop and ensuring the best ROAS.

Request a FREE Walmart seller center audit to determine what changes you need to make to improve your Walmart rating.

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