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Walmart – Omni-Channel Platform Update

By:admin | 3 September, 2021 |Marketplaces,


Walmart – Omni-Channel Platform Update

As the competition between Amazon and Walmart heats up, Walmart is taking it to the next-level by making some significant changes to its online presence through an initiative “Omni-Channel Platform”.

Omni-Channel Platform aims to completely revamp the current user-experience on Besides a new and improved user interface, Omni-Channel Platform will introduce the following changes (proposed):

  • First major change is merging with Walmart Grocery, also referred to as online pickup and delivery (OPD). This means there will be a single website and app experience.
  • This merge will impact  search algorithms and results.
  • One common catalog–so if you are searching for an in-store pick up item, the new implementation will show all the items available without differentiating between online versus in-store.
  • Customer’s ability to search, shop and check-out any item, no matter where it is in Walmart’s ecosystem
  • Single order clicks and live order tracking status through delivery
  • Fast and free delivery options
  • Elimination of basket minimums
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – personalized search, predictive reorders, cart reminders and customized basket building

In a nutshell, Walmart is trying to create a retail omnichannel experience to compete with Amazon. There is little doubt that Omni-Channel Platform will be a significant boost to Walmart’s credibility in the online shopping space. However, we anticipate that these significant changes may also impact the Walmart ecosystem of retailers and sellers.

If you are one of the retailers or sellers on, this may impact you in several ways:

  • Changed algorithms may affect your product search rankings, visibility and impact brand value
  • A common catalogue will bring more opportunities for sellers to compete. At the same time, in-store brands will see more competition.
  • Availability of Rich Media until the migration to the new website is complete

These are just some of the changes we foresee and the real impact remains to be seen once Omni-Channel Platform goes Live.

Technology changes are inevitable and beyond anyone’s control, but as a retailer, you must take necessary steps to safeguard your business. With this new release, content becomes the key differentiator between you and your competitors.

Team Inc) understands the impact of such changes on your business, and with over 8 years of partnership with Walmart, we have created the right channel optimization techniques and skill sets to help you navigate through such situations.

Recently launched data-driven platform– is an end-to-end SaaS application designed for sellers on Walmart. It provides a health score of existing content and then recommends the steps required to optimize this content. With 3 easy steps of Analyze, Recommend and Track, this powerful and easy-to-use self-service platform can help sellers scale their business on Walmart. Using, retailers and brands can create, edit and publish enhanced content, track content health score and revenue and receive customized weekly reports.

Recently launched, is already being used by hundreds of sellers and has been able to deliver value to over 90% of these sellers who were struggling to grow their business on Walmart. These sellers have experienced a significant boost in their overall business metrics such as 3.2X increase in traffic, 46% increase in conversion and 2X increase in revenue.

Stay tuned to learn more about Omni-Channel Platform and how our expertise can make it  most beneficial to you. For additional information on Omni-Channel Platform or, please reach out to:

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