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What Is Walmart Connect, and How Can It Help Advertisers?

By:admin | 21 April, 2022 |Ecommerce, Marketplaces,

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What Is Walmart Connect, and How Can It Help Advertisers?

Walmart has had a substantial advertising industry for years, and, like many other aspects of their company, they continue to innovate. Walmart has now changed the name of its advertising division, which was formerly known as “Walmart Media Group,” to “Walmart Connect.”

What is Walmart Connect? 

Walmart Connect enables partners to be front-of-mind in Walmart stores, on the company’s digital assets, and across the internet in a manner that enhances the consumer experience. The company Inc will use Walmart’s wide range of stores, the strength of its closed-loop technology, and its in-depth knowledge of its customers to help businesses get closer to their target customers no matter how they buy.

But before we dig deep into Walmart Connect, let’s understand why you need to advertise on Walmart in the first place:

  1. has a lot of advantages that make it an excellent investment for sellers who want to grow and diversify.
  2. On, paid advertising may supplement your organic presence and boost your discoverability and exposure.
  3. Digital advertising may help new sellers, and items improve their early sales success.
  4. Through smart, targeted advertising,’s low-performing SKUs may get much-needed attention.
  5. Sellers who sell seasonal items, like Christmas candies and decorations and swimsuits, and patio furniture, will make more money when the season comes around.

Now, let’s get to how Walmart Connect can help advertisers:

Walmart Connect leverages the reach of its native digital properties, including, pickup & delivery, and the Walmart App, to offer holistic campaigns across the digital shopper experience, including search and display media, putting advertiser messages directly in front of customers as they make purchasing decisions. This segment of the company is thriving—it almost doubled in revenue and more than doubled in advertiser count in the previous fiscal year.

Walmart Connect is also introducing new omnichannel abilities that will enable marketers to access the millions of consumers that visit Walmart locations each week. With approximately 170,000 digital displays across 4,500+ locations, the Walmart seller is also delivering media activations on in-store TV walls and self-checkout screens. Many marketing messages can be tailored to a specific day, time, or location. Because of these improvements, Walmart Connect has grown to become one of the biggest in-store activation networks and digital out-of-home advertising platforms. Over time, more possibilities for brands to take part in in-store events and sampling opportunities, such as the Walmart Drive-in, Spooky Street, and others, will be available.

Walmart Connect will use its unmatched first-party data to help retailers outside of Walmart improve their advertising.

When advertising expenditure through Walmart Connect is expected to soar, it will be more critical than ever to measure and manage advertising spending effectively. This involves assisting brand manufacturers in tracking and attributing advertising-related sales. This is where, an AI-driven platform, can significantly boost the return on ad spend. The combination of accurate data and media-experienced partners like e will provide considerable rewards for the sellers. Walmart represents a more exciting opportunity for companies to grow outside of Amazon than ever before.

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