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What is Walmart Connect?

By:marketing | 7 September, 2023 |Walmart,


What is Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect has emerged as a robust retail media platform, offering advertisers a valuable avenue to connect with online shoppers on Walmart’s site and app and even across physical Walmart stores.

As part of its rebranding efforts, Walmart Connect has significantly enriched its advertising possibilities. One notable addition is its very own demand-side platform, allowing advertisers to effectively showcase their products not only on Walmart’s platforms but also on select third-party websites.

A major advancement comes in the form of Walmart Connect’s refined closed-loop measurement system. This innovation empowers brands with a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior both online and offline, providing a holistic view.

As brands gear up for an era without the reliance on cookies and seek to diversify their advertising efforts beyond platforms like Amazon, the trajectory for Walmart Connect seems nothing but upward, promising even more substantial growth and impact.

Why should you use Walmart Connect?

Walmart Connect serves as a valuable platform for showcasing your products to shoppers within the natural Walmart environment. It offers diverse pathways for brands to engage potential customers, enhancing their prospects of shaping purchase choices.

Research findings underscore that a significant 40% of consumers make buying decisions influenced by advertisements.

By forging a partnership with Walmart Connect, brands unlock the potential to reach the vast number of daily visitors frequenting Walmart stores and websites. This translates to heightened visibility and an amplified opportunity to establish connections with their intended audience. Furthermore, brands can leverage the array of advertising tools provided by Walmart Connect to furnish customers with pertinent and beneficial insights about their offerings. This, in turn, assists customers in making well-informed decisions, potentially augmenting the likelihood of conversions.

What advertising options does Walmart Connect offer?

Walmart Connect extends a range of advertising options, catering to diverse strategies for brand promotion. From in-store displays to search result placements, the spectrum of Walmart product ads is wide-ranging. Below is an overview of the available choices for brands:

Search Ads:

These ads are founded on specific keywords, ensuring prominent visibility for your products within search outcomes on and the Walmart app. They facilitate brands in effectively reaching pertinent consumers in the midst of their active product searches.

Walmart Sponsored Products: 

These ads exhibit your content within the search results of related products or in pre-checkout prompts.

Sponsored Brands : 

This option positions a selection of your products at the top of Walmart’s search results, complemented by your logo and a customized headline. It’s a potent approach for heightening brand awareness and visibility for up to three items simultaneously.

Display Ads:

Strategically situating display ads across platforms such as, the Walmart app, and third-party websites functions to amplify awareness and encourage purchases. Targeting is informed by a shopper’s Walmart history, ensuring a seamless experience whether they’re engaging on Walmart’s platforms or navigating social media.

In-store Ads:

While shoppers browse physical Walmart stores, in-store ads serve as reminders about your product’s merits. This approach can also be extended to point-of-purchase scenarios. Notably, Walmart Connect’s closed-loop tracking has the capacity to identify whether an ad on its self-checkout screen ultimately led to a conversion.

Brand Interactions:

Embracing the trend of experiential retail, Walmart provides various pathways for brands to leverage this innovation in 2022. By orchestrating distinctive store events and product sampling, brands can cultivate memorable encounters that foster loyalty among their target demographic. Additionally, Walmart Connect facilitates ‘Content-to-Commerce,’ a feature that forges collaborations between brands and influencers, resulting in engaging native content.

In essence, Walmart Connect equips brands with a diverse set of advertising tools to optimize their outreach efforts and engage with customers across multiple touchpoints.

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, Walmart Connect stands as a formidable advertising platform, extending a compelling avenue for enterprises to tap into Walmart’s expansive customer pool. The array of ad formats and precise targeting alternatives empower businesses to craft impactful campaigns while closely monitoring their real-time efficacy.

Benefiting from Walmart’s vast influence and comprehensive product assortment, Walmart Connect emerges as an enticing prospect for businesses regardless of their scale. It serves as a means to amplify online visibility and propel sales growth. By harnessing the platform’s sophisticated targeting prowess, businesses can seamlessly engage with their ideal customers, precisely timed for optimal results, thereby streamlining the achievement of their advertising objectives.

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