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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Content

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Everything You Need to Know About Amazon A+ Content

In the ever-growing realm of e-commerce competition, it is of utmost significance for brands and sellers to distinguish themselves.

Imagine you’re a shopper searching for a new blender on the Amazon website.

You encounter two product listings: one featuring a simple description and the other adorned with vivid images, interactive visuals, and an enticing video presentation that highlights the blender’s impressive capabilities and applications.

Which one would capture your interest and instill trust in your buying decision?

Indeed, the Amazon Premium A+ Content would likely be more appealing. It exceeds the conventional product descriptions and delivers an enhanced shopping experience for your customers.

Premium A+ Content enables brands to surpass the usual standards, crafting captivating and visually striking product pages that actively involve customers and boost conversion rates.

Within this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Amazon Premium A+ content. Discover how Premium A+ can assist you in enhancing website traffic, elevating conversion rates, boosting sales, and obtaining valuable insights to support your informed decisions regarding the utilization of this advanced content management tool.

What is Amazon Premium A+ content?

Premium A+ Content, sometimes referred to as Amazon A++ Content, represents a top-tier tool that extends beyond the fundamental capabilities of Amazon A+ Content. It empowers brands to showcase the essential features and advantages of their products within a contemporary and visually captivating framework, incorporating distinctive content elements like videos, interactive hotspot modules, and more.

In August 2022, Amazon introduced a promotional offer, making Premium A+ Content accessible at no cost through Seller Central. Prior to this, it was exclusively accessible to brands utilizing Vendor Central and was associated with a substantial price tag, typically ranging from $250,000 to $500,000 per product.

As per Amazon’s information, the incorporation of Premium A+ content has the potential to boost sales by up to 20%.

A key element of Premium A+ is its ability to optimize page space by utilizing the entire screen width, resulting in a refined and contemporary appearance.

Key features of Amazon Premium A+ content

It provides a variety of essential functionalities that empower brands to craft compelling and captivating product pages on Amazon. Some noteworthy attributes of Premium A+ content comprise:


Premium A+ content facilitates the incorporation of videos on product pages, enabling brands to virtually showcase their products, emphasize important features, and captivate customers with animated content.

Full-width images

Through Premium A+, brands have the capability to utilize the entire screen width for presenting stunning, high-resolution images that grab the customer’s attention and provide an enriched viewing experience.

Interactive hover hotspot modules

This functionality enables brands to incorporate interactive elements into their product images, enabling customers to hover over specific areas for additional information, zoom in on product details, or unveil hidden features.

Improved comparison table

Amazon Premium A+ content provides advanced comparison table modules that empower brands to showcase product specifications, features, and benefits in a visually appealing and easily comprehensible format, aiding customers in making well-informed purchasing choices. 

Benefits of Amazon Premium A+ content:

Increase traffic and conversions

Utilizing Amazon Premium A+ content can draw additional traffic to your product pages, resulting in improved conversion rates and the possibility of boosting sales by as much as 20%.

Tell stories with enhanced visuals

Amazon Premium A+ allows you to convey your brand narrative in a visually captivating manner, employing interactive features to maintain shoppers’ engagement and pique their interest in your products.

Improved reliability

Leveraging Amazon Premium A+ content can aid in establishing credibility with both new and existing customers, fostering trust in your brand and its products.

Potential search ranking improvements

Integrating Amazon Premium A+ content can contribute to enhancing your product’s search rankings on Amazon, thereby elevating its visibility to potential customers.

Cons of Amazon Premium A+ content:

Announcing the brand story

In order to make use of Premium A+, it’s necessary for all ASINs within your category to feature a published brand story. This procedure can be quite time-consuming and potentially costly, particularly if you have a substantial product catalog.

The cost of high-quality image assets

In order to maximize the benefits of Premium A+ content, it’s essential for your Amazon product listing to include top-notch images and videos, which can involve a substantial financial investment. Moreover, you’ll also require well-crafted and captivating product descriptions, which might necessitate the skills of a professional writer.

Limited time promotion

The promotional period in which Premium A+ content is offered for free may not afford sufficient time to analyze the enduring impacts on traffic and sales.


Amazon Premium A+ content offers brands the chance to create a lasting impression on customers and, in turn, stimulate business growth on the Amazon platform. As the realm of online shopping continues to expand, harnessing the visual storytelling capabilities of Premium A+ content becomes progressively crucial for brands to thrive and prosper in the digital marketplace.

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