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Changes in Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge

By:admin | 22 September, 2021 |Marketplaces,


Changes in Walmart’s Pro Seller Badge

With thousands of sellers on Walmart Marketplace, standing out as a reliable choice is important. To help sellers succeed even more, Walmart has introduced the Pro Seller Badge, a mark of excellence given to top-performing Marketplace sellers. Sellers are recognized for good performance, and customers can take the guesswork out of online shopping.

On August 9th, Walmart updated their criteria and sellers are expected to adhere to these to gain a Pro Seller Badge status. The requirements have not changed significantly, but all sellers who would like to retain or gain the badge have to comply with new rules until the beginning of October. Along with the requirements update, Walmart has improved the badge visibility for customers, adding the information on the additional sellers’ page and in the shopping cart.

Here are the new eligibility criteria for Walmart Pro Seller Badge:

-An overall 90-day Delivery Defects rate that is less than or equal to 10%.*

-Seller-related 90-day Cancellation Defects rate is less than or equal to 2%.*

-At least 70% of the seller’s trending items have a listing quality score greater than or equal to 60%.

-Sellers must receive at least 100 orders or more in a rolling 90-day timeframe.

-Successfully onboarded sellers must be active for 90 days.

-Compliance with Walmart’s Marketplace policies and other performance guidelines.

For more information on Pro Seller Badge, follow the link below:

If you would like to improve your listing quality score, can help! With over 8 years of partnership with Walmart, we have created the right channel optimization techniques and skill sets to help you stand out against the competition and having a Pro Seller Badge can work in your favor.

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