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How to boost Walmart sales this Holiday Season?

By:marketing | 7 October, 2023 |Walmart,


How to boost Walmart sales this Holiday Season?

There are countless strategies available for boosting sales on any eCommerce platform, and if you’re either planning to start selling on Walmart Marketplace or are already an established seller there, you’re in the perfect position. But before we dive in, let me ask you a crucial question: Have you developed a successful strategy for optimizing conversion rates and enhancing the overall customer experience in your Walmart store during this holiday season?

Unlocking peak sales performance hinges on effective conversion rate optimization. As long as you prioritize delivering an exceptional customer experience at Walmart, customer retention should pose no significant challenge.

If you find yourself uncertain about your business development strategy, we’ve compiled a list of distinctive methods to boost your sales at Walmart during this festive holiday season.

Competitive Price

If you have some knowledge of Amazon’s Buy Box, you’re aware that while price plays a significant role, it may not be the foremost deciding factor.

Walmart Marketplace operates differently, where having the lowest price is the key to securing a Buy Box advantage. However, when establishing your pricing rules, keep these two tips in mind:

  • Avoid participating in a price competition that leads to continually lowering prices, as it can ultimately harm your overall profit margin in the long term.
  • Take into account both the product’s price and the associated shipping costs when pursuing the lowest price strategy.

Prevent your inventory from reaching low levels.

This selling strategy is closely connected to the previous one as it plays a crucial role in securing the Buy Box on Walmart Marketplace and also contributes to enhancing your overall sales. Even if your price is the lowest compared to your competitors, having more of the same item in stock can increase their likelihood of winning the Buy Box over you.

Fill Customers’ Needs with Otherwise Unavailable Products

Walmart offers a vast range of products, many of which shoppers can also find on other online platforms and physical stores. However, what sets Walmart apart is its extensive and comprehensive inventory, which is often challenging for other sites and stores to match in terms of both variety and quantity.

Run Strategic Promotions

To draw more attention to your listings and boost sales, consider running promotions. You have the option to choose from one of two banners, depending on your specific objectives.


Selecting the “Clearance” promotion will place a “CLEARANCE” badge above the product, signaling to customers that they are receiving a better-than-average deal. Utilize this promotion when you want to sell slow-moving stock, surplus inventory, or seasonal items as a season comes to a close.


Opt for this promotion, which displays a “REDUCED PRICE” badge, for products that have discounts of more than $5 on items priced above $100 or discounts of 5% on items priced under $100. This promotion is an excellent choice when you’re seeking a quick sales boost.

Strategically position your products to boost traffic

Although the prospect of reaching a surge in shoppers is thrilling, it’s important to recognize that it’s not the sole factor for success. While organic traffic is crucial, injecting some additional momentum during the holiday season can make your products stand out. This is especially vital as shoppers have an overwhelming array of options available at competitive prices.

To achieve this, Marketplace sellers can allocate resources to promote their best-selling products using Sponsored Products advertising through Walmart Connect. This strategy assists these items in standing out amid competition and attracts potential shoppers to view the listings during the holiday rush.

Elevate Your Product Pages with Rich Media Content

As we embark on the journey to maximize your Walmart sales during this holiday season, one crucial strategy stands out: enhancing your product pages with rich media content. If you’re already on the Walmart Marketplace or considering it, this tactic can be a game-changer for you.

This holiday season, consider enriching your product listings with captivating rich media content. In today’s digital shopping landscape, shoppers seek more than just plain text descriptions. They crave immersive experiences, and rich media content can provide just that.

Not only does rich media content enhance the shopping experience, but it also boosts your visibility on Walmart’s platform. Walmart’s search algorithms favor listings that provide comprehensive and engaging content. When shoppers spend more time interacting with your images and videos, your listing is more likely to rank higher in search results. This heightened visibility is particularly valuable during the holiday shopping frenzy when competition reaches its peak.


In the world of e-commerce, increasing sales is an ongoing mission. For Walmart Marketplace sellers, especially during the holidays, a winning strategy is paramount.

Our journey has revealed key strategies: competitive pricing, robust inventory management, unique products, excellent customer support, and capitalizing on Walmart’s fee-free structure. Additionally, rich media content is a game-changer, enhancing the customer experience and boosting visibility.

Combine these strategic tactics with the right approach and you can confidently navigate the holiday season and achieve your goal of boosting Walmart sales. Remember, your potential for success knows no bounds. Happy selling!

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