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Understanding Walmart’s Listing Quality Score Dashboard to Boost Your Sales in 2022.

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Understanding Walmart’s Listing Quality Score Dashboard to Boost Your Sales in 2022.

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard was recently launched to assist sellers in increasing sales and increasing their product exposure. It enables you to provide meaningful suggestions that will help you increase sales and develop your Walmart marketplace company. 

But let’s give you an overview of how Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard works in brief before we deep dive into how to boost your sales using the listing quality dashboard.

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What is Walmart Listing Quality Dashboard?

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard is a “simple-to-use” section devoted to Walmart merchants. The Dashboard provides sellers with insight into post-purchase quality, which focuses on many aspects of the customer experience that contribute to your listing quality score on Walmart. There is a tool called the Listing Quality Dashboard that helps you, as a seller, find ways in which you can better improve your listings more quickly and more effectively.

The intuitive Dashboard enables you to determine your listing quality score on Walmart, identify areas for development, and view all the aspects that contribute to a successful, optimized listing

Walmart started giving sellers free advice on how to improve their listings and sell more in 2020. The Listing Quality Dashboard helps them do this.

The dashboard, which is accessible via Walmart’s Seller Center, provides insight into the quality of your listings and what can be done to enhance them — it even offers a holistic listing quality score for catalog and item-level listings.

This score is determined by:

  • Content
  • Discoverability
  • Ratings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Post-purchase quality

If a seller gets content and discoverability suggestions from Walmart and has authority over the listing on Walmart, they may edit the listing using SellerActive and republish it from our platform. The SEO content of a listing is determined by the title, description, product characteristics, and bullet points, all of which are editable inside SellerActive. However, if the seller is not the original owner of the item, they will normally need to make these modifications via Walmart. Also, when sellers update their listings directly on Walmart’s Listing Quality dashboard, it’s critical to keep in mind that delays throughout the Christmas season and other busy shopping times might cause delayed changes.

And this is where you can take the help of the AI-based data-driven . It simplifies the process of product optimization in the Walmart marketplace, resulting in improved product SEO and a higher SERP rank.

How can help you? 

When we began developing, we chose from the outset to adopt a more holistic, universal approach to listing quality that considers all aspects of a customer’s experience rather than simply content. Our proprietary multi-factor method enables us to inspect the content of your listings, their inventory levels, delivery alternatives, and post-purchase experience, among other factors. These variables add together to provide a single universal number: an improved Listing Quality Score (or LQ Score) to boost your sales.

Optimize your product display page, listing quality, and customer happiness to increase sales at your Walmart shop. You must consistently improve and update your product profile in order to keep your overall average quality score, post-purchase quality, and post-purchase quality. This results in improved SEO for your items and a better SERP ranking.

Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard offers creative methods to boost sales, but assists you in achieving a better listing quality score with simple-to-use automated features.

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