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What Is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon?

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What Is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon is a feature designed to help brand owners and sellers improve the appearance and content of their product detail pages. It allows them to showcase their brand and products more effectively by incorporating visually appealing images, enhanced text, and formatting options beyond the basic product description.

EBC enables sellers to create a more immersive shopping experience for customers, helping to communicate their brand story, key product features, benefits, and unique selling points. 

Images in this context go beyond being merely visual and turn into windows into the heart of your production. Your product radiates in all its splendor from every perspective, expressing its tale via the lens of high-resolution pictures. Prospective buyers can examine, enlarge, and admire each minute feature as if they were holding the goods in their hands.

EBC lets you create an amazing shopping experience for people. You can share your brand’s story, the best things about your products, and why they’re special. The pictures aren’t just regular ones – they’re super clear and show every little detail. It’s like holding the product right in front of you!

But it’s not just about pictures. The words also play a big role. You can use fancy fonts that match your brand’s style. Your words become more than just explanations – they’re like messengers of your brand’s feelings and ideas. You can even tell a story about how your brand started and what it stands for.

So, if you’re ready to make your products shine on Amazon and Walmart, try out Enhanced Brand Content and Rich Media. Use it to tell your brand’s story, share messages that connect with people, and make your products stand out. Give your products the spotlight they deserve, and let them sparkle like stars on these stages!

In short, Amazon EBC contain a range of components, including:

  1. Images: High-quality photographs can be used to promote your product from various angles, demonstrate how it works, or emphasize its benefits.
  2. EBC enables you to input formatted text in a variety of styles, hues, and fonts. You may then give thorough product descriptions, describe features, and even develop a brand story.
  3. Comparison Charts: You can make charts that contrast your product with equivalent ones, demonstrating how superior your offering is.
  4. Enhanced Product Descriptions: With this feature, you may describe your product’s characteristics, advantages, and usage guidelines in greater detail.
  5. Customized Layouts: To create an eye-catching and educational design, you can arrange text and graphics in a variety of layouts.

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

A number of advantages provided by Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) on Amazon can greatly improve your brand’s presence and increase conversions. Some of the main benefits of utilizing EBC are as follows: 

Rich Media 

Enhance Brand Content ( EBC )  on Amazon – Just like Rich Media on Walmart gives you the opportunity to display your products using high-quality photos taken at various angles. By giving potential customers a more thorough understanding of your product through this aesthetically appealing information, you may pique their interest and earn their confidence. It also gives you the space to include enhanced product information, which is thorough and in-depth. Customers can make better purchasing decisions when you communicate features, characteristics, and benefits in a way that is more visually appealing and educational. 


EBC offers a platform for you to narrate the history of your brand. You may engage with clients on a deeper level by sharing the background, core principles, and objective of your company. This element of storytelling can assist build brand loyalty and set your products apart from rivals.

Reduced Returns and questions

EBC’s clear and thorough product information may help to clear up any ambiguities customers may have regarding the product, which will cut down on returns and questions. Customers may be more satisfied with their purchases if they have a better comprehension of what they are buying.

Higher Conversion

A greater conversion rate can be achieved by combining detailed information, visually appealing content, and brand narrative. Customers are more inclined to make a purchase when they are aware of the product’s benefits.

Competitive Advantage

Enhanced Brand Content ( EBC ) enables you to differentiate your product listings from the competition. You may differentiate your products and possibly draw clients who are lured to the expanded information by offering a rich and engaging buying experience.

Mobile-Friendly Experience 

EBC material has been optimized for mobile viewing as more and more consumers use mobile devices for online purchasing. This makes sure that even on smaller screens, your product information and graphics are appealing and simple to use.

Effective Communication

EBC gives you the ability to provide vital information in a more aesthetically pleasing and well-organized way, such as usage guidelines, specifications, and unique selling factors. This can make it easier for customers to see the value your product gives.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

EBC layouts can be created to highlight complementary or related products, enticing users to look at more of your product line. Cross-selling and upselling may result in higher order values as a result.

Brand Credibility

Making use of Enhanced Brand Content shows that your company is dedicated to giving customers a top-notch buying experience. Professional and educational material can strengthen your brand’s credibility and provide customers more assurance when making purchases.

Despite the fact that Amazon EBC has several advantages, it’s crucial to remember that the caliber of the material you produce can affect how effective it is. To make the most of this feature, thoughtful design, pertinent content, and captivating images are essential.


As of 2022, Amazon only offers one option called Amazon A plus content that combines Enhanced Brand Content and A+ content. Once you have a professional seller account and have successfully gone through the Brand Registry Process, you can access this function.

You can use the free Amazon A+ content templates if you can demonstrate that your brand is distinct and genuine. These templates can be used to visually improve your product pages, establish connections with your audience, and convey your brand’s narrative.

When producing A+ content, you must adhere to all guidelines and specifications; otherwise, your designs risk being disapproved. A+ content is now a need if you want to become a top seller on Amazon due to the increased competition on the platform!

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